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Riding & Packing Essentials

We will be providing you with 2 Saddle Bags (combined capacity of 60 ltrs), a 15 Ltr Tank Bag and a Kit Bag with about 45 Ltr capacities, which should be able to sustain you for the duration of the tour.

These luggage systems have been designed based on our experience and keeping in mind the riding conditions in India. They have been tested by us on all our tours.

Some of the bare essential riding gear that needs to be carried is listed below:

Helmet with a Visor- We wear helmets at all times!
Ventilated Riding jacket Armored (waterproof)
Riding trousers, Kevlar or Armored
Rain Gear
Riding Boots (Preferably Water Proof)
Protective Gloves (with thermal inners for the really cold ascents)
Back belt or Kidney belt (if you normally wear one)
Clear glasses / Sun glasses / Reading glasses
Small Flashlight

On the clothing front, we suggest the following gear, for the time spent off the saddle:

Warm, Fleece/woolen sweater
Hat / Balaclava / scarf
Sun Cap
Warm long sleeve shirts
T Shirts
Thermal inners (long johns)
Light Woolen  socks
Trainers, trekking shoes/boots
Slippers or flip flops (for indoor use)
Small day bag or rucksack (25lts)
Personal medicines / sun block / toiletries
Mobile Phone and Charger
A good book / maps / notebook /pen
110v to 220v voltage converter
Several spare passport photos
Lightweight towel
Camera / Memory Cards / Charger
Motorcycle Riding License / Passport
Xerox or Photocopies of passport & visa page