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It is important you know that Traveling and Motorcycle Touring in India and Bhutan is an activity involving risk.

Although we take care to ensure your safety in the cabs that we use, the security and full and safe control of your motorcycle, whilst riding, is your responsibility.

While participating in our Motorcycle Tours, we expect that the rider will have at least 2 years motorcycle riding experience on large capacity motorcycles. We expect you to ride with skill, care, and confidence, on and off-road. Sections of highway are ‘off-road’ rough and some riding days can be long and require good physical fitness and stamina.

Your contract is with Himalayan Vacations.

Our Business address is:

Himalayan Vacations,
Block: BG-1, Flat No. 200, Paschim Vihar,
New Delhi – 1100063, India.

Our responsibility is according to the laws of India and any disputes will be settled in the Jurisdiction of the state of Delhi, India.

Risk, Responsibility, Contract and Liability

It is important you know that motorcycle touring is an activity not without risk, especially in the Indian Subcontinent. The security and safe control of your motorcycle, whilst riding, is your responsibility.

We will be liable for and accept responsibility for neglect or omission on our part and the part of any external services employed (e.g. cabs, support jeeps and mechanics) and will make refunds when our standards lapse below a reasonably acceptable standard. In such a case the limit of our liability will be up to or no more than 150% of the Tour Price.

We will not be liable for any responsibility or reimbursement in the case of your death, injury or illness, except when due to the negligence of the staff of external services we employ.

We do not accept responsibility in respect of death, bodily injury or illness by causes other than our Tour team and their actions.

Please note that the Tour Price does NOT include Insurances of any kind. It will be the Traveller, Rider and/or Pillion Passengers’ responsibility to arrange necessary travel and medical insurance.

We mandate that the Rider and Pillion must travel wearing protective clothing and a helmet on our Motorcycle Tours.

Motorcycling Experience

We expect that the rider will have at least 2 years motorcycle riding experience on large capacity motorcycles for our Motorcycle Tours. Some of the roads where we travel are off-road sections and we expect you to ride the motorcycle with skill, care, and confidence, both on and off road.

Some riding days can be long and require good physical fitness and stamina.

When you make a booking you guarantee that you have the authority and required motorcycling experience to do so and that you also accept these Terms and Conditions.

Documents Required

To be able to participate on our tour, you must bring to India the following documents:

A valid Motorcycle License.

A valid International Driving Permit/License.

A valid Indian Visa, with validity at least for the duration of the tour opted for

A valid travel insurance policy

Conduct On Tour

We reserve the right to remove you from the Tour without notice should your behavior, in our opinion, result in annoyance, distress or danger to others in the group or anyone with whom we come in contact on Tour.

If you cause undue damage to motorcycles due to reckless or careless riding or to the property of the places in which we stay. In such cases, you will receive no refund.

Leaving a Tour Mid-Way

We cannot pay refunds if your Tour is terminated early due to an accident, impaired fitness to continue or dismissal from a Tour. Leaving a Tour mid-way for whatever reason will incur the loss or your Motorcycle Security Deposit.

Road Conditions & Riding Skills

Please note that some sections of highway are complete off- road sections. We expect that you will have at least 3 years motorcycle riding experience behind you, on large capacity motorcycles. To ride on our Tours we expect you to be able to ride with care and confidence in both on and off-road conditions. Some riding days can be long and will require good physical fitness and good physical stamina.

Riding conditions can vary from hot sunshine, rain, water crossings, and snow and freezing temperatures, all in the space of a few hours, your physical stamina will be tested. Hence, good health, physical fitness and high endurance levels are a ‘must’ for all our Himalayan Tours. Off-road riding skills will be required.

Our drivers check the cabs to maintain them in working condition, Please note that on our tours, we travel through some isolated and remote places and breaking down in the middle of nowhere can jeopardize the whole tour and mar the experience of the other travellers as well.

On Motorcycle Tours, our mechanics check the bikes everyday to ensure functionality of the motorcycle, but ultimately, it is the Rider’s responsibility for the safe operation and care of their motorcycles. If you feel that something is not working the way it should be, please inform the Tour Leader so that we can make an informed decision about the issue.

Health, Passport, Visa regulation

The participant shall ensure that he/she has taken all medical precautions including but not restricted to vaccinations. If you suffer from severe asthma or high blood pressure or muscular, chest, respiratory or heart disorders, we strongly advise you against participating in our high altitude tours.

The cost of tour does not include any expenses pertaining to your international travel, Passport, Visa, Excess Baggage or incidental daily expenditure of a personal nature whilst on the trip, other than those offered by us. You must possess a valid passport and visa at least for the entire duration of your tour with Himalayan Vacations.

A valid motorcycle driver’s license and international driving permit is must for participating in Motorcycle Tours.

Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy and we promise not to share the information of participants with third parties for any purpose, commercial or otherwise, unless legally required.

Himalayan Vacations reserves the right (copyrights) to reproduce the photographs, videos taken during the tour on its web site, brochures and/or any other form of communication for advertising, sales and marketing purposes.

Customers who can be recognized in our photos or videos shall not charge any commission or royalty to us for using these in our promotional, sales and marketing communications. However, all the information of the participants will be kept confidential unless legally required.

We reserve the right to make changes to Tour Itineraries and Prices without prior notice.