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Mountains and AMS

AMS, or Acute Mountain Sickness is caused when your body is not used to the rarified atmosphere at high altitudes, normally, beyond an altitude of 2900 Mtrs. With a day’s acclimatization schedule, anyone can cope with the conditions safely.

Problems can arise if we do not adhere to the “250-500 Mtr gain in Sleeping Altitude” for our travels higher than 2900 Mtrs. The tours which take you to such altitudes are the ones which are run in the higher Himalayas, in the regions of Spiti, Lahaul, Changthang and Ladakh.

Our Higher Himalayan Tours have been designed in such a way, that you acclimatize gradually and slowly, usually, without any sudden increase in your sleeping altitude,

To counter any effects of AMS on that day, we resort to the use Acetazolamide, sold under the brand “Diamox” to counter the effects of AMS. We usually start the course with 250 mg tablets, twice a day prior to the ascent and discontinue the medication once we have reached Leh.

We recommend that you speak to your GP before starting the medication, for possible side effects and dosage amounts.