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About Us


For us, it is not only about riding or traveling  just for the sake of bucket lists or things to be done or making money.  We are passionate about the places we go to and care about the destinations and its people enough to let it affect us when something bad happens.
We know we are expensive than many of our competitors, that is because we do not run tours with too many participants in order to ensure personalized service and attention to detail.The reasons for being expensive are many:
The hotels we use are the best available, and if we may say so, offer an experience to stay at. We abhor chain hotels and resorts, and prefer the hotels which are owned and operated by the local populace, who are passionate about hospitality, not some faceless chain.
Our choice of hotels is reflected in the thought “Can my Family stay in this place?”  If the answer is a resounding Yes, then we consider it as an option, otherwise, we junk it and look for better alternatives.  However, in case we have to re-route the tour or change the itinerary due to any reason, we will have to make do with whatever is available.
The biggest contibutor to our high costs is our policy of “Big Groups (more than 5-6 riders) are a No-No”, unless you have approached us for a group quote, even then, we will not cater to more than 10 riders in one go.
Why, you may ask, that in this day and age, when every nook and cranny has a Motorcycle Tour Operator lurking, have we gone with this formula?
We also feel that traveling in a big group takes away the enjoyment and dilutes the experience one would have when traveling individually or in a small group.  Our group size rarely exceeds 5-6 travelers, which gives us enough freedom to ensure that the services that you get can be personalized as much as possible and also get to see and experience things at a relaxed pace, not as a train of tourists, but as an individual.
If we have convinced you about choosing us, read on… or as they say, it is a free World…


We are a motley bunch of people who want to follow and realize our dreams.  What brought us together was our sense of entrepreneurship and the sense of adventure which is a motivating factor for all of us.


A Hospitality Professional, with experience ranging from working in Hotels, Event Management and a 7 year stint in the BPO sector, is the Tour Leader of the outfit. Having a riding experience of close to 75,000 kilometers on Indian roads, he has seen all that the roads and Mother Nature can dish out. Armed with his trusty Eicher Road Map Atlas, he is at home looking for roads where people think none exists. He is also an amateur photographer, and when he is not riding he can be found clicking Mother Nature in all her moods. Some of his work can be found here


Santosh has been associated with us before our inception in 2007. He used to take care of our motorcycles when we were working and also has his own Garage, where, when he is not touring with us, he can be found tinkering on bikes and bringing them back up into running condition and delighting their owners. A Royal Enfield certified mechanic, he is the one who is responsible for keeping those motorcycles running for us.


This world is indeed a living being


The common things expected from a digital agency are nice looking websites.


The common things expected from a digital agency are nice looking websites.


The common things expected from a digital agency are nice looking websites.


The common things expected from a digital agency are nice looking websites.